Why be a reading tutor?

Work with a small group of children to help them significantly improve one of their most important skills: Reading. You can adapt your instruction to meet the needs of kids, and you will see them develop and grow.

No “canned” approach to reading instruction. You have the flexibility to help kids in the way that will be most effective. You will know that you are making a huge difference in children’s success!

We are specifically looking for PreK–12th grade teachers, but education assistants, higher education instructors, and others are also welcome to apply.

New Tutors

(Use this form if you DID NOT tutor for the Foundation in Fall 2019)
Returning Tutors

(Use this form if you DID tutor for the Foundation in Fall 2019)

Application Forms and Requirements

The application to tutor is completed online only. However, some forms require original signatures and must be completed in paper copies and mailed in.

Tutoring Process

  1. Parents submit registration forms to their schools, and the school delivers the registration information to the Foundation regional coordinator.
  2. The regional coordinator groups kids and assigns them to tutors.
  3. Tutors contact the parents of assigned students and determine the time and place for tutoring sessions.
  4. Tutors meet with the group 2 hours per week (usually 2 1-hour sessions, especially for younger children).
  5. During the first session, the tutor administers the reading assessment to understand students’ strengths and challenges and submits the results to the regional coordinator.
  6. The tutor designs instructions and provides resources, as needed, to deliver reading instruction that addresses students’ challenges.
  7. At the last session, the tutor again administers the reading assessment and submits the results to the regional coordinator.
Responsibilities and Agreements
You will agree to these terms during the online application process. These versions are for your review.

Hiring Documents
You must submit these in hard copy with original signatures to be contracted for tutoring. Print to fill out by hand or download them to your computer to complete the forms electronically.

You will also need to submit a copy of your social security card. All forms are submitted to the regional coordinator in your area.

Got Questions?

Contact the Regional Coordinator for your district:
Go Here for Contact Information

For Current and Prospective Tutors

Tutoring Forms and Resources